Organizations in Africa use Echo Mobile to engage, influence and understand their target audience

Unlock the power of SMS, voice & USSD to help your organization succeed

The Echo Platform

How it works

Echo’s cloud-based web platform connects to toll-free SMS, voice (IVR) and USSD channels to automate personalized communications at scale with your most important stakeholders. From these, the platform provides actionable data to empower insights and decisions.

Key features

The Echo platform requires no IT or programming skills to use. It combines powerful off-the-shelf features that include:

Echo Deployment

How it works

Echo Mobile’s Deployment team provides Echo platform users with mobile strategy and implementation consulting. Deployment Specialists are also technical experts in the platform, ready to help your organization optimize and implement effective SMS, voice (IVR), and USSD initiatives across Africa.

Key services

Deployment’s professional services span the four stages of successful mobile engagement.

Define your goals
We guide you towards a refined understanding of what the platform can achieve for your organization
Design an optimal strategy
We devise a tailored plan that optimizes platform features and messaging content to achieve your goals
Deploy the technology
We put the platform to work on your behalf for a hands-off experience
Deliver data and impact
We dissect results from the platform and deliver actionable insights to your desk
checkSector expertise


Organizations use the Echo platform and Deployment services for essential operational functions and services.
  • check Monitoring & evaluation (M&E)
  • check Field reporting
  • check Behaviour change
  • check Information access
  • check Feedback and reporting
  • check Net promoter score (NPS)
  • check Sales tracking
  • check Mobile referrals
  • check Mobile marketing
  • check Mobile product registration
  • check Customer service
  • check Market research
  • Social

    Social enterprise



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    About Echo Mobile

    Echo Mobile’s software emerged from Kenya’s vibrant social startup community in 2012.

    We’ve since grown into a leading enterprise technology provider, serving Africa’s most exciting organizations and offering one of the few Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms built in Africa, for Africa. Read more...


    To provide technology and services that enable organizations in Africa to engage, influence, and understand their target audiences.


    Unlocking the power of information and communication to help all organizations in Africa succeed.


    We believe that successful organizations are empowered by:
    1. Listening to and understanding customers
    2. Accessible and actionable information
    3. Responsive and accountable teams
    4. Data-driven decisions

    Meet the Team!


    Echo Mobile's Story

    Echo Mobile was born from Kenya’s vibrant social enterprise community in 2011. Jeremy Gordon and Rachel Brooks built the first version of our software while working for a Kenyan agricultural microfinance institution (MFI). Their task was to help the company better engage, influence and understand its rural customers — mostly smallholder farmers.

    The software was a game changer for the organization, and other businesses soon began asking to use it. So in 2012, Jeremy and Rachel incorporated Echo Mobile to help solve the information and communication challenges common to all organizations in Africa. We’ve since evolved into a leading enterprise technology provider, serving Africa’s most exciting organizations and offering one of the few Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms built in Africa, for Africa.

    Expanding on SMS, we’ve added voice (IVR), USSD, and IP messenger options to the Echo platform. To complement the platform’s monitoring and evaluation features, we’ve added sales, marketing, and customer service tools. We’ve expanded across Africa and developed expertise in consumer goods, health, agriculture, energy, education, and more. And to share that expertise with users, we’ve built the Echo Deployment team, offering professional mobile strategy and implementation services.

    As we’ve grown, Echo Mobile has maintained its startup personality thanks to a team of scrappy, results-oriented problem solvers and innovators. We remain accessible, adaptable, collaborative, and practical in our commitment to helping all organizations in Africa succeed, so contact us to see how we can serve yours.